In the Spring of 2014 I was a busy mum of 2 young children, a successful primary school teacher and a devoted wife to my amazing husband, loving life and making wonderful memories together. I suddenly became very ill after suffering from a urine infection. After many months of antibiotics and numerous tests I was finally diagnosed with a debilitating illness called Chronic Fatigue (also known as M.E. or Fibromyalgia).

This completely turned my life upside down, I could no longer look after myself let alone my 2 children. I could no longer socialise with family or friends and soon became very isolated. My husband lost his happy go lucky wife who’d always had the drive and ambition to live life to the max. As a result of my health issues I even lost my job. 

After 12 months of getting weaker day by day, I somehow found the inner strength to seek a better quality of life. I made some lifestyle changes, followed a simple nutritional plan  and took some targeted nutritional supplements. Gradually I started to feel human again. I was more alert, my symptoms were disappearing and I was starting to get that lust for life back. After just a few months my energy levels had improved so much that I decided to set myself the ultimate goal of completing a 5km obstacle event. I continued to go from strength to strength and 6 months later I finished the 5km event and loved every minute of it!

My children have got their mum back and I am now an active and involved parent. My husband has got his wife back and we can now continue our journey of making many happy memories together.

This brings us to the Winter of 2018 and the birth of Energise & Optimise. After experiencing such amazing results I am now dedicated to helping people regain control of their own health. I use a simple nutritional plan, lifestyle advice and targeted nutritional supplements based on scientific research and rigorous clinical trials to improve the health of clients.   

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