Leaving a legacy

Synergy offers you a rare opportunity to leave a legacy through offering the highest quality, scientifically proven products; providing financial freedom through innovative business opportunities; and establishing a culture of generosity and service to others.

I am partnered with a Synergy Elite Health team which provides an education and business coaching programme that ensures health and wellness professionals are able to add huge value to the service they provide for their clients, whilst maintaining integrity and quality. It is comprised of a network of experts working with passion and ethics to share elite health with as many people as possible. It challenges old style network marketing with quality products, that are clinically proven and based on the emerging science of the microbiome. The business is built on collaboration and the value of service.

Dan Higginson's vision

“Synergy is your gateway to personal freedom and financial independence. By taking full advantage of this opportunity, you’ll find that amazing things will happen for you and your family. We challenge you to investigate all that Synergy WorldWide has to offer and ask you to make the commitment today to Leave a Legacy and change your life by joining a company on the rise.”

Dan Higginson, Synergy Worldwide Founder

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