What Our Customers say

About a month ago I decided to leave my job, I realised I had been stressed to the eyeballs for a long time and over time this had ground me down mentally and physically to the point where I was falling apart. I reached out to Rachel who has provided a lot of inspiration and support and guided me through the pure 21 programme. Now I feel like I’m getting back to myself, I have the energy and enthusiasm to make my day productive, I feel healthy, I have mental clarity, people have told me my skin looks good, my eyes are bright and I’ve lost my previous dragged thru a hedge backwards look! To top it all off I have also lost 8lb in weight and have become more aware and educated to make healthier food choices, and to continue to look after my gut. Thanks so much for everything you have done Rachel. It was tough but you kept me going and now I’m excited for my journey ahead wherever that may take me !!


Following a medical condition and a prescribed course of antibiotics I was totally washed out, lethargic and suffering tummy spasms bordering on IBS. My daughter told me about pure21 and we got in touch with Rachel who explained what it was all about and how it could help me feel better in myself. Rachel set me up with the starter pack and supported me throughout the 21 days with sound advice and encouragement. The pure21 program also included video blogs which provided additional guidance and tips. I have now finished the course and feel great, my tummy has completely settled down, I’m full of energy again, and I’ve lost 3 inches off my waistline!!! I have found that my eating and drinking habits have changed as well in as much as I eat less commercially processed foods now, and I drink more water now rather than caffeine based drinks. I can honestly say that Rachel and pure21 has made a difference to me and my wellbeing and I now feel great again because of her support and the course.​


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